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Editorial Services

We aim to assist science professionals who communicate in English as a second language to publish their excellent research in high-quality peer-reviewed international journals

Welcome to expert help with publishing scientific texts
You write - we edit and polish
 Almost all the work has been done – you’ve conceived the idea, digested the literature, found collaborators, applied for funding, managed the project, completed the laboratory and field work, analysed the results, and written your draft text.
What’s left? Your valuable scientific work is never finished until it is peer-reviewed, published and available in the public domain.
We can help you by skillfully editing your scientific text, including:
  • papers for submission to peer-reviewed                   journals;
  • reports;
  • books;
  • posters for conferences;
  • conference proceedings;
  • speaker notes.
 Our meticulous editing and polishing will ensure that:
  • your manuscript will not be rejected for                   publication due to poor or unacceptable use         of English, use of non-standard terminology         or use of non-standard format;
  • your text will be fluent, clear, adapted to the           norms of formal scientific writing, will flow             properly and be linked together, and will say         exactly what you want it to say;
  • the amount of scientific criticism from the               publisher’s reviewers and editors will be                 reduced. Our clients mostly ask that we                   conduct a scientific pre-review for them, as           this enables them to clarify those issues we           detect before the text is sent on to the                     journal;
  • your manuscript will clearly stress your                  strongest and most important findings.
We can also complete English language editing and polishing of non-scientific text to aid your science communication to the public
Text for informative journals, annual reports, magazines, flyers, brochures
You write – we pre-review
You write - we assess
Improve the scientific basis of your text and help to make it stronger and communicate your points more effectively by asking us to pre-review it
We can help with research project management by pre-assessing your written proposals or reports
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You need training – we provide it
You write – we translate
If you need dedicated training in our areas of expertise, remotely or at your site, please ask us
We can translate your text, including scientific texts, from Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Bosnian to properly fluent English
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