ABSeeS Scientific & English
Editorial Services

We aim to assist science professionals who communicate in English as a second language to publish their excellent research in high-quality peer-reviewed international journals

Working with us is simple!
What to do next
All editorial services are provided to clients worldwide. We work exclusively with Microsoft Office Suite. It's very simple - here’s what happens:
1. You send us an email with your text manuscript/document attached as .doc or .docx explaining your requirements. Tell us in your email:
  • whether you want the English improved and perfected, or whether you would also like us to scrutinise           your text for potential scientific objections;
  • what your deadline is, if any;
  • whether you use Track Changes in Microsoft Word. We prefer you to use this if you can, since it is the             quickest and most secure way for you to decide whether you wish to accept our advice or not. However,       we are happy to accommodate you if you don’t use this facility.
2. We assess the amount of work required and send you e-mail containing:
  • an invoice with a firm quote (price);
  • the payment instruction and;
  • the time-frame for completion of work.
3. Payment is via international transfer from:
  • countries in the Asia-Pacific region to our Head office bank account in New Zealand;
  • Europe and the Americas to our United Kingdom bank account;
  • and from Serbia in cash.
The details of the applicable bank account will be sent within the quote.
4. On receipt of the payment, we send you by e-mail:
  • your original manuscript with all our editing recommendations visible in .doc or .docx format;
  • a second, corrected copy of the manuscript, which will be fluent and follow the strict norms of scientific         writing;
  • confirmation of your payment.
5. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and strict privacy for all our clients. Nobody else has access to your valuable text, and we will never pass it to, or discuss it with, any third party.
Our charges
For editing and reviewing scientific texts, we charge a flat rate of €20 per hour of our time. We never charge for our time spent emailing, downloading, uploading or printing if necessary.
We are sometimes asked why we charge a flat rate. We think this is fairer than charging per word/100 words or per page, since if your text requires fewer alterations, it is generally quicker for us to edit.
We are well aware of the constraints of scientific budgets, having worked all our lives in research, where we too chased funding, sweated over applications, worried about our laboratory experiments and equipment and struggled to make sense of our results! For that reason, we do our utmost to provide you with a cost-effective, timely and very professional service.