ABSeeS Scientific & English
Editorial Services

We aim to assist science professionals who communicate in English as a second language to publish their excellent research in high-quality peer-reviewed international journals

Our expertise and experience
Project assessment
We have significant experience (over 30 years) in reviewing scientific papers submitted to international journals for peer-review. We can improve the scientific basis of your manuscript by providing you with a concise review of any points we think reviewers or editors might notice. If you would like us to point out any areas or points to which we think reviewers could object, please ask.
We have extensive knowledge (over 20 years) of scientific project assessment. We can help with research project management by assessing your initial proposal application, progress report or final report. Our assessment will improve the chances of these documents being accepted by the funding body and/or assessors.
We can develop and provide training for you in our main areas of expertise:
  • food hygiene, food microbiology and food              safety (basic, medium or university level);
  • academic and scientific writing skills and tips;
  • preparation of posters for conferences;
  • for non-native speakers, oral presentation of        your work in English.
We have excellent Serbian and Croatian (and other related languages - Montenegrin, Bosnian) to English language translation skills, since we are native speakers. We also work in the scientific research environment, so we are well-equipped to translate your scientific text (particularly, but not exclusively in the fields of biology, veterinary medicine, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology, human medicine, environmental sciences).
Additionally, we are happy to translate non-scientific text.
Your final translated text will be properly fluent, as if it had been written by a native speaker.