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We aim to assist science professionals who communicate in English as a second language to publish their excellent research in high-quality peer-reviewed international journals

Why is our expertise and experience useful to you?
ABSeeS consultants are internationally well-recognised scientists, academics and writers in the area of biological food safety “farm-to-fork” including microbial and parasitic hazards and related risk assessment and risk management options along the food chain.
Since our careers have led us to deal with a range of multi-disciplinary issues, we also have significant understanding of scientific issues in the wider context, i.e. in the agricultural, biological and chemical sciences settings.
We have assisted scientists worldwide with their publications in the fields of microbiology, human medicine, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, environmental sciences, mathematics and physics.
Dr Sheryl Avery is managing director of ABSeeS, and primary editor and support consultant. A research microbiologist, with post-graduate (Waikato University, New Zealand) and PhD (Bristol University, UK) qualifications, she has 30 years work experience on a wide range of research projects in New Zealand, the UK, and Serbia. Dr Avery has published extensively in English-language peer-reviewed scientific journals.
A native English language speaker, she also holds a UK CELTA qualification as a teacher of English language teaching to adults. In addition, Dr Avery also communicates in Serbian and related languages.
Prof. Sava Buncic, scientific consultant for ABSeeS, obtained his veterinary and PhD qualifications at Belgrade University (Serbia). He has over 35 years work experience in senior research/academic posts including leading major research projects at research institutes and universities in New Zealand, the UK, the EU and Serbia. He has worked as an external scientific expert for the European Food Safety Authority, EU Commission (FP6 and FP7 research programs) and FAO/WHO,
Prof. Buncic has published extensively in English in internationally highly regarded scientific journals and is primary author or co-author of numerous text-books.  He is a member of the editorial boards of, and peer-reviewer for, numerous English-language international scientific journals. In addition, he communicates fluently in his native Serbian and related languages.
Book chapters and books published by Prof. Buncic:
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